Testimonials & Success Stories

In just a few minutes of coaching, David gave me two useful, practical performance tips that I could use right away. I feel that my performance improved immediately.

Wendy Kay White

I appreciate and really loved David's & Karen's welcoming attitudes.

Frank C.

I attended this event in NYC, had a ball, and learned a lot. David helped me listen to myself like a casting director or engineer would listen to my work. His invaluable expertise and knowledge stays with me and helps my reads everyday.

Bill Lord

Hi David
I wanted to thank you so much for the time you took with me today. It was truly a pleasure to talk to you, and your expertise is amazing...


Fantastic learning! Such a great environment teaching us how to take and follow direction and what not to do, excellent critique and encouragement balance!

Beth G.

Thank you again for coming to Vancouver; was a very informative day and well worth it! Below is the ‘homework’ you had requested us to send along to you.


Dear Mr. Goldberg,

Thank you so much for an incredible workshop this past weekend! I learned skills quickly and you helped me improve my ready by quite a bit (Macy's Thanksgiving sale). I am very excited to continue my training with Edge.

Joy C

These classes are awesome! So happy I made the Toronto stop!

Daniel Krempa

Hello, David,
I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for coming to VO2013 Atlanta and for being so giving of your time and energies to those of us who are trying to make it to the next level. I may have learned more in your nighttime "extra" session than in all of the workshop talks put together. You have a tremendous gift for explaining concepts in an easily understandable way, but more than that, you put everyone at ease immediately. "Gutteral stops" and "opening up words" are now an integral part of my VOcabulary. Coaching with Edge is on my list of "to-dos" for 2013, and I have recommended you to innumerable folks who were on the fence about where to get their training. Thanks so very much again. I hope that we will cross paths again one day soon.

Robin R

Every facet of David's program had value, so it's difficult to choose. However, the scrip exercises were extremely valuable.

Laura W.

Thoroughly enjoyed my day of professional development with David. So much useful information and solid, helpful exercises, both individual and group. Thank you!

Dan Deslaurier

Hi David,

You rock!! I really really really enjoyed your class tonight. It was nice to get instant feedback on my habit of going to an "upbeat/energetic/youthful" place with my reads. I am going to continue to find ways to be not predictable, but also staying in the boundaries of the genre of the script.


The concept of taking training ʺon the roadʺ is awesome! I hope other trainings are offered in the future.

Keith J.

Mr. David Goldberg,

I am sorry I was not able to stay and properly thank you for the training sessions the last two days. It was incredibly informative for me as both a introductory voice actor and as a media teacher. You really put together a great seminar and I appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with me. I look forward to training and working with edge studios in the future.

I hope you have an enjoyable rest of your stay in Chicago and safe travels beyond,


I really enjoyed meeting you and David, and it was a privilege to learn from him. I appreciate so much what Edge Studio does for newcomers. Tell David thank you for the feedback



I can't thank you enough for allowing me to participate in the VO workshop today. It was incredibly engaging, informative, and fun. It has supplied me with tools that will help propel me into voice-over work, as well as help me direct/engineer other VO actors. Hope you had fun as well!


It was very helpful. David gave me very specific direction while being encouraging. Some of it re-affirmed what I had already knew, but gave me points to take away to work on.


I really enjoyed the phase where we spoke of the VO industry in general, i.e. what was once trending v what's trending now.


Edge Studio's is Simply the best........and have the best teachers in the business

Merick Forrester

Your class tonight was so incredibly helpful! You touched upon things that a lot of voice actors just overlook at auditions. I LOVE auditioning because it's one step closer to understanding what worked and what did not work. Can never stop learning! Thank you again for taking the time to really give your honest suggestions for ways to improve and stand out!

This was a wonderful workshop. Thank you so much!


Thanks Leanne! I truly hope the following day full class was really great i so wish i could have attended. I will definitely be in touch soon in hopes of having some sessions with David - i really enjoyed his 3 hour intro overview and would like to work with him further, if anything to have the evaluation from such a professional in the industry!

Thanks for coming to chicago!


Hi, David!
Again, I want to tell you how valuable your Atlanta workshop was! I benefited from your feedback not only on my reads, but also on those of the other participants. Your expert ear was amazing--You "can name that mistake in one note!" Or should I say, "in one breath"?!
As always, Edge delivered the best from the best!
Many thanks,


Thank you DG and everyone at Edge. Not only did you make us feel welcome, but the lessons learned will stay with us for many, many years. This was a great experience.--

Bill Lord

I learned more with him in 15min than I did in the last 6mths. He was concise, clear and to the point. I was able to hear it and get it


Worth every dime. David was able to brand a few people on the spot.


Hi, David! Just wanted to thank you again for a great class yesterday!

I got caught up-to-date on the industry, learned some new things,
and was "refreshed" on some old things.

All in all, a very productive day! I'm armed with plenty of information
and advice going forward.

Enjoy the rest of your road trip!
Talk soon!


I have the highest respect for David Goldberg and Edge Studio. There's no other place in the industry with so many tools and resources for voice talent, whether is for beginners or pros. Great workshop!

Catalina Parks

David was absolutely excellent. He really inspired me to take my voice over career to the next level. I recommend this workshop to all levels of V.O artists.

Eric B.

Hi Leanne,

Thanks once again for your work in Chicago. It would be tough for David to get all the things he hopes to accomplish done without capable people like you taking care of a bunch of the details. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and was glad I made the trip from Wisconsin to work with David.

Keep up the good work!


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