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Great Adobe Audition 101 webinar last night. Definitely worth the time and money. I know I was muted...and thank goodness.... you would have heard throughout the webinar "Wow, that's cool, this is great!"

It was so well organized and I learned so much. Have a safe trip home and thanks again.

Theresa D.

Fantastic, George.
I’m glad I found you! Look forward to utilizing your services again. I regularly download and listen to your EWABS shows while working out. Congratulations to you and Dan for all you do in support of the industry…and those of us in ‘flyover’ country!


Wanted to comment
That this was
An excellent class.
I would love to see
More twisted wave
Classes as well.
GreAt job
Thank you


In only an hour, George taught me a great deal. My sound is improved, my recording/editing takes less time, and my clients are very pleased. Thank you for sharing your expertise in a such a friendly way! A truly enjoyable and beneficial experience that saved me from the hours I was spending looking for tutorials and help all over the internet.

Erin Clark, Voice Actor

I tried out the stacks and they really sound great. I also forgot to mention I do a lot of animation auditions as well, but I think these will probably do well for the different levels of characters I read for.
Thanks very much, and have a grand holiday season.


You should see the studio!!! It's fantastic! I want to face time you and show it! Sounds so good and it's all easy! I am soooooo excited! Thank you for putting me in this direction. George did a great job setting me up! EDGE coming thru left and right -
Many many thanks David.
See you in two weeks - ( seems far )


Hey George
Hope things are well. Just a heads-up. I booked a Big one from Home.
Thanks again
Trail and error and studying your tutorials


Hey George
Did CBS New Presidential debate Into's again from my studio in my JAMS
The MP3's are so good they go on the air.


I had been complimented on the sound of my tracks, and asked what type of room I have, and what acoustic treatment I have in my room (some of my edge coaches and some of the feedback back forum folks are who I’m referring to). I told all of them the big difference in the sound was you. They were blown away when I told them my room is treated with packing blankets and I’m speaking into a $275 dollar mic. I kinda feel like I’m singing to the choir though, just know I am a huge fan of your work and will continue to utilize your expertise as I move forward in my career. Sorry for the headache and the confusion. Thanks so much for your help.


Hey George!

I worked with you a month or so ago, you helped me with some effect stacks and really fine tuned my sound! Since then, I have been booking a lot more gigs! And I owe it all to you! So thank you!


Thank you for always coming to my rescue

Hi George. I wanted to thank you for the great Audacity 201 class. It's my first class with you and maybe all your classes are that way but I really appreciated your honesty, transparency, and just the tremendous wealth of information you conveyed. I also appreciated that you didn't kick us out exactly 2 hours in but rather ran a little late to get all the material in and answer all our questions. And you got the recording out incredibly quickly.

I'll look around for more classes to take with you - I've been considering switching from Audacity to Reaper so if I ever bite that bullet I'll jump into one of those classes.

For reference, I recently completed the Phase 2 training at Edge and produced a commercial demo.

Dave K

So excited to get going with these and see where it takes me. thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. i really needed that today. i am familiar with your importing stacks tutorial and thanks for all the other advice. did not know about saving mp3 other than what is recommended. i will 'see' you on EWABS and hopefully at some conference or meetup soon!
again, many thanks for all of your talents, continued success and happy summer.

Amy F

This was a great class!! George trains them so well for people who may not be as tech savy!!


Hi George,

Thank you very much for your analysis! I know that you a very busy man these days so I really appreciate it. It is good to know those facts about my recording space. I never realized that my noise floor was that good! And you are absolutely right, I can probably back off a little from the mic, so that was good to know as well. Thanks again for your time, I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I can. I watch your videos all the time. Very informative, keep up the great work!


Thank you so much for taking your time to listen to my home studio sample. I really appreciate your feedback. I am going to employ your mic technique tips tomorrow. I'm glad the acoustics sound good. I'll check my mic levels, too. If you ever teach a class on the west coast, I'd love to attend. I enjoy your weekly videos and I'm grateful for the information you share.


Recommend. I took this a while back and learned a load of great info. George is The Man and has mastered TW. He also connects well as instructor with the group

I wanted to send another thank you for your help! As I'm adjusting to
my new setup I find that my quality has improved and I'm able to work
with greater efficiency.


Hey George, it's Matt, I just got client approval for a 30 sec commercial I recorded to air on WBAB WBLI and WALK, just got to send it to the radio station on Monday and I am on the radio. Thanks for your support. Woohoo!!!! National Dyslexia Association


Hi George!

Thanks again for fitting me in yesterday and getting me set up at such short notice!
The ipDTL session went splendidly!…no hitches.

Cheryl C

Thank you, George; I LOVE it! I was on the right track with the settings I'd worked out temporarily -- I had to get my first 15 minutes on my latest ACX book up for review last week Tuesday -- but this stack took things just that bit further and made it shine. Aces!

Thanks as well for your comments on my studio and audio quality; I'd been stressing about whether there were things my ears might have been missing. Your response makes me very happy!

I feel much more confident now. Thanks again; worth every penny!


Hey George,

I hope all is well. I just wanted to say thanks so much for all your help, both in our session a few months ago and on the web. Since we worked together I’ve booked a number of jobs, commercial, promo, video game, and narration and most recently I became the narrator of an upcoming fox reality television series!!

Thanks George


I'm now fully stacked, locked and loaded.

I applied the stack to a file I recently recorded. What a difference! You totally raised my game.

Thank you so much,


Hello Edge team,

This was such a great webinar! I really like George's style of teaching and how he takes his time to explain things step by step, simplifying what may seem complicated to the beginner. The tips given on how to make edits, less time-consuming and more efficient, are so invaluable.

I really look forward to an advance Twisted Wave class, with other tips and tricks, focusing more on audio processing.

Thank-you so much.


Hello Edge Team!

I would just like to share that I am SO HAPPY that you partnered with George Whittam. I had a home studio consultation with him on Friday evening and he was just awesome. George is so incredibly knowledgeable, patient, insightful, and respectful of where a new talent is in their career. George answered all my questions, guided me towards an affordable, high-quality DAW software, helped me modify my sound booth, and made helpful recommendations for my home studio set-up—all within the hour!

Thank you George and thank you Edge Team for making your VO Education program so comprehensive and valuable.


Hey, George.

Finally got all components put together and tested with the Nutmeg guys in NYC.

Everything's good.

Good working with you.

If I get in a jam, you're my guy to call.

Thanks for all your help.


Yes, I took this as well months ago. The tips George gave, saved me loads of editing time. I look forward to an Advanced TW webinar!

Angie S

George Whittam is my go to source for all things audio and technical. He is full of great advice, wish list inspiration and practical fixes. FIVE STARS!


Hi George,
Thank you so much for getting back to me. And yes, I certainly need any help you send! Thank you so much for your info, it really does give me a little confidence in what I'm doing. I'm pretty new to this world, so want to make sure I'm doing things correctly. My 'booth' isn't really a proper booth, but it'll suffice until I get the funds for one. My set up is similar to the Studio Suit, but not quite as nice.

I will start saving my audio files in mono, thank you. Thanks again for everything, take care and hope to see you on FaceBook! :)


And I've got it all working. (Didn't take long at all and your instructions were super simple to follow.) Great hack there, George! WOW did that make things easier. :)

Thanks so much for all your help - it sounds fantastic!


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